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Companion Care / Sitter Services

High Quality Care

At Devoted Hearts Care, LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and quality of life for seniors and individuals with disabilities within the comfort of their homes. For those requiring basic day-to-day assistance with tasks like cleaning, organizing, meal planning, and occasional transportation, having a companion sitter can be invaluable for sustaining independent living.

Our Companion Care / Sitter Service at Devoted Hearts Care, LLC focuses on promoting social, emotional, and psychological wellness while ensuring optimum physical health for our clients. We believe that a friendly companion looking out for your safety and well-being can significantly impact your quality of living. Through our Companion Care / Sitter Services, we offer assistance with daily living while providing social interaction and emotional support.

With aging loved ones facing challenges living alone, our professional caregivers act as trusted partners, offering not just assistance but also a friendly presence. Our in-home companion and homemaker services combine warm, healthy interactions with practical assistance for daily activities, enabling your loved ones to maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle in the privacy of their residence.

Our Elder Companion Care / Sitter Services cater to various needs. We provide social companion care to counter loneliness and isolation, emotional support, and friendship to maintain mental well-being, and practical assistance with daily activities like housekeeping, meal preparation, and running errands. Additionally, our caregivers offer respite relief for family caregivers, ensuring that your loved ones receive professional care while you attend to your obligations.

Recognizing signs that your loved one could benefit from companion care includes limited social engagement, the need for assistance in maintaining routines, transportation, meal preparation, engaging in hobbies, important reminders, pet care, and help with household chores. At Devoted Hearts Care, LLC, our qualified and compassionate caregivers are ready to provide the companionship and in-home caregiving your family needs.

To explore how our companion and sitter services can benefit your family, reach out to us at 1(800)230-0936 to start a conversation about enhancing your loved one's well-being and independence through our compassionate care. If you're ready to avail of our services or have more questions, send us a message, and we'll be glad to assist you.

Devoted Hearts Care

What is considered companion care/sitter services? 

  • Crafting, Reading, Writing, Listening to Music, and Playing Games for Mental Stimulation

  • Exercise, as Directed by the Health Care Provider, to Improve Mobility and Balance

  • Engaging with the Client’s Hobbies and Interests

  • Entertainment

  • Errand Accompaniment

  • Light Housekeeping /  Household Tasks

  • Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Medication Reminders

  • Playing Games

  • Promoting Adequate

  • Nutrition / Hydration

  • Promoting Safety

  • Reading Books

  • Respite for Family Caregivers

  • Safety Supervision

  • Shopping and/or Creating a List of Needed Supplies

  • Taking Walks Outside to Promote an Active Lifestyle 

  • Travel Companionship | Accompany to the Doctor, Hairdresser, Other Appointments, Social Events, etc.

Devoted Hearts Care

Company and Friendship

Having a companion is crucial to maintaining mental and emotional wellness. This is especially true for our elderly loved ones who may be more prone to loneliness and feelings of isolation. Our caregivers can prevent this by offering companionship and friendship as well as assistance with their immediate needs.

Devoted Hearts Care

Company and Security

Isolation happens when an individual stays for long periods at home without the company of another person. To prevent this from happening to your loved ones, our companion aide can be their steady friend at home. Additionally, they can also accompany your seniors to any necessary appointments.

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